The Curl

The Curl – unser guter Freund Ömer und sein Singer/Songwriter-Projekt, mit dem wir bisher schon zahlreiche Gigs gemeinsam gespielt und geschlagen haben. Wir waren zusammen auf dem Sinnflut, in der Kulturjurte, im Pub – und im Juli auch auf dem Tollwood. Wir freuen uns schon auf The Curl.

Das schreibt The Curl über sich selbst:

„Welcome to „The Curl“.
The curl is me, a Singer-songwriter – just a man and his guitar. So I have to perform in different roles: composer, lyricist, vocalist, instrumentalist, and often self-manager. 😉 My lyrics are personal, sometimes veiled by metaphors and imagery. With a touch of my muse I get inspired and I perform by my own, but also like featuring friends of the musician’s scene as special guests on the stages around Munich and play my songs together with them and enjoy the gig among friends.  So if you are a music spotter, let the curl be music in your ear.
Hope you enjoy my tunes… Have a good time!“